We Need New Dog Beds

A Secret Santa’s Generosity Makes a Difference For Our Furry Friends
November 26, 2023
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We Need New Dog Beds


We Need New Dog Beds

Yucko! We need new dog beds #FarmFriends. Our dog beds are old and falling apart and we need your help to buy 5 new Kuranda raised beds and 2 replacement covers.

The few raised beds we have are really beat up. But, we can get new Coolaroo covers to save those beds. Just go to our Amazon Wish List and buy a Coolaroo Replacement Dog Bed Cover Large for $13.42 each: https://www.amazon.com/Coolaroo-Replacement-Original-Elevated-Brunswick/dp/B0018C97FS

You can donate towards the new Kuranda dog beds at our website https://HollowCreekFarm.org/donate just note that it’s for the Dog Bed Fund. We contacted the Kuranda dog bed company and they gave us a 5-bed discount at $155.01 per bed because we’re a 501c3.

Kuranda Dog Bed Company

You can call Kuranda Dog Bed Company directly: 800-752-5308, and they have our wish list for the 5 Kuranda raised dog beds.

You can purchase the beds here: https://Kuranda.com/dog-beds/aluminum-dog-bed You will still need to tell them who it’s for because they have our mailing address.

Why Raised Dog Beds Are Imperative

The raised dog beds are for senior dogs, new dogs, dogs recuperating from surgery, and scared, anxious, stressed-out new arrivals who have come to Hollow Creek Farm Rescue from animal control.

We try to calm them down and use everything in our power to help them relax, de-stress, and feel safe and cared for when they arrive at Hollow Creek Farm Rescue.

Kuranda raised dog beds are chew-proof, indestructible, they have a warranty they’re American-made, and they’re easy to clean. And easy cleaning is important!

Why We’re Constantly Cleaning

Cleanup is non-stop here. The dogs arrive often with bellies full of worms, they’re starving, they’re not used to eating good dog food, sometimes they’re sick from nerves or from an illness, and, almost all of them have just been spayed or neutered.

Let’s not forget, they don’t arrive housebroken…so we clean constantly. Accidents happen.

Some dogs have never slept indoors. Some dogs have never slept on a bed or tear up cushioned beds trying to make them into a softer bed.

Reduces Stress On Joints

These Kuranda beds reduce stress on joints, and because they’re raised, it’s easier for dogs to get up from the beds. They’re off of the hard floor which helps them sleep better, and feel better as they wait for their #ForeverHomes

Thank you from all the furry guests at Hollow Creek Farm Rescue folks. Everything you do for our furry guests is so appreciated. We can’t do this without you!

#HollowCreekFarmRescue #KurandaDogBeds #FarmFriendsRock #ForeverHome #AdoptADog #DonorsAreAmazing

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