Stuff To Get Before the Floods Hit

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July 2, 2022
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Stuff To Get Before the Floods Hit


It’s South Carolina flood season at Hollow Creek Farm Rescue now through November. And, there’s some stuff to get before the floods hit.

Hollow Creek Farm has a creek that runs through the pasture. The creek floods when the rains are heavy as we can get the equivalent of what usually falls in several months, in several days.

We can’t move Hollow Creek Farm but we can plan ahead for the torrential rains. We have to protect our furry guests, their food, and their shelter. Here are the protection items needed:

Stuff to Get Before the Floods Hit

Car Port for Storing Hay: $2,500 from Tractor Supply Store

Retriever Lodge Expandable Dog Kennels 5’x6’: $420 each from Tractor Supply Store

Outdoor Sunshades: $27 up to $280 from Amazon Wish List

  • 10’x10’ and 12’x16’ triangles or rectangles.  
  • We’ll take any size, any Sunshade

Building Supplies: Lowes

  • Metal siding
  • Lumber
  • Screws
  • Nails

Veterinary & Cleaning Supplies: Amazon Wish List

  • De-Worming meds for livestock & dogs
  • Heartworm prevention
  • Flea/tick prevention
  • Bleach
  • Paper Towels

Seasonal Weather Plans

We plan for seasonal weather by creating emergency sheltering when fences go down, and as important: keeping hay and grain dry and safe from rising waters during floods.

We keep supplies raised up high and covered, and we corral, move, and cover the animals when the water rises.

We Do It Ourselves

We stretch and squeeze every dollar and we do the work ourselves to make the most of what our Farm Friends donate.

This year we’ve had to cut down trees around the farm to keep structures safe. But now we lose the shade. To fix this issue, we need some sunshades to put over the dog kennels and dog run and play areas. 

Dogs run in a big, fenced yard on the farm, but we also have the kennels for injured dogs recuperating after an injury or after surgery. All dogs don’t get along, so some have to be let out separately.

Dogs have to be contained after surgeries, but we still want them to be go outside safely and enjoy the outdoors instead of having to be crated in the house.

It helps them to be around the other dogs and keeps their spirits up as they heal. Vitamin D and fresh air is good for them and helps them heal more quickly.

Skilled Helping Hands Welcome

We’re always happy to get supplies, but if you’re a professional handy person, a fence post hole digger, a construction company, or a construction worker, please contact us. We always need help with fences and structures by folks with those skills.

Adopt a Pet

You will find all of our current available adoptables on our petfinder listings. 

Please read the adoption procedure instructions before contacting us. 

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