Starved, Neglected Horses Rescued

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February 2, 2022
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June 24, 2022
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Starved, Neglected Horses Rescued


This post was on June 12, 2022. Hollow Creek Farm Equine and Canine Rescue brought in two starved, neglected horses that were rescued and need sponsor help from our #FarmFriends.

Friday we rescued Shimmers, an 11-year-old mare, and Olive Oyl a 4-year-old filly. She has a lot of Stranger Danger due to the neglect.

Want to Help? Here is their list of stuff needed from Tractor Supply Company

We’ve been rescuing horses, dogs, and livestock since 1999. We’re often called in to help when there are severe neglect and abuse cases and on Friday in Woodruff, S.C., 38 horses were rescued by Animal Control. There were also dogs and cats at the property.

One horse died and it was a bad situation. But we brought in a mare and her “baby” a 4-year-old that we thought was a yearling. What happened was that the horses had been starved and neglected by an owner who let mares and stallions run freely. There are so many horses with foal and we had to test for pregnancy on many of them.

Shimmers is likely with foal. Yes, this is a sickening, horrific situation. But we are here to get them taken care of. Both horses were too weak for any form of traditional pregnancy tests. So we had to get blood tests and are awaiting results.

Horses, as you all probably know, are expensive, but they need regular vet care, vaccinations, and blacksmith visits. Disease, illness, worm, flea, tick, and fly prevention. And ongoing quality hay and grain.

These two horses will receive this now but we will need your help. We don’t get free anything. We have to buy food, etc at full price. This was an unexpected situation, but there were 38 horses that had to go somewhere. So we’re asking for your support.

Become a sponsor, even if it’s for fly spray, a few bucks towards a hay bale, a sack of grain, blacksmith and vet costs. We need sponsors long-term help and we will be looking for new homes for these two. But it will be a while to get them strong again and healthy for the first time in their lives. Shimmers has been handled and is familiar with people.

Olive Oyl will need work from the ground up from us because she’s never been handled and has no idea what her life as a happy horse should be. But we’ll get her there. We will get them both there with help from our #FarmFriends.

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