Rescued Arabian Filly’s Progress After One Year

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March 30, 2023
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Rescued Arabian Filly’s Progress After One Year

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Watch Rescued Arabian Filly’s Progress After One Year

On 6/10/22 Olive Oyl, aka Drama Queen, was 1 of 35 Arabian horses seized in a severe neglect case in South Carolina. When we at Hollow Creek Farm Equine & Canine Rescue rescued her, she was starving and neglected and still nursing from Mama Shimmers which probably kept her alive. And despite her appearance, she was three years old.

Now watch this rescued Arabian filly’s progress after one year!

We didn’t plan on rescuing and bringing home two horses, but we realized that Shimmers was Olive’s dam when Olive Oyl was trying to jump/crawl over the gate to stay with her mama at the rescue site.

We had to take Olive! But getting her into a horse trailer was some serious DRAMA…she refused, reared, kicked, bolted. Thus the name: Drama Queen.

Back then, Olive’s and Shimmers’ ribs and spines stuck out visibly, they were weak, their skin covered in rain rot, we didn’t know if they’d make it. They had worms, and this girl was so traumatized from the lack of any human touch that she refused to let us near her.

Later that first day of rescue, our 1 horse rescue became a 3-horse rescue: we learned that Shimmers had been bred by a stallion running wild in the herd of 35 starved, neglected Arabians. She was pregnant with Sir Tuckerington – that crazy little colt you now see running around chasing and playing with his big sister Olive.

Olive was never handled by people so she kicked at us and would not go near her food if a person was close by. It took many months before we could safely brush her. Finally, she started feeling better with proper feed which also raised her energy levels up so she became even more defiant toward us.

Time, patience, and so much money spent later – with we’re ready for Olive’s next step: she is heading off to training to be broken to ride. Look at this girl walking into the horse trailer.

FYI: Olive is a purebred Arabian. We have her DNA completed and are just waiting for her registration papers. Under South Carolina Lien Laws we have that right. We hope they will arrive soon so Olive has an even better chance at a new life.

Farm Friends, as you read and watch this, and see how beautiful this girl has become, understand it took many, many $25 bales of alfalfa hay, $55 bags of feed, $100 round bales of hay, supplements, farrier fees to fix their feet, de-worming, coat and skin medication, many veterinary checkups to be sure that she would survive.

Please help us help them: We rely ONLY on donations from folks like you to give any amount to help these horses.

Stay tuned for updates! The rescue of Olive Oyl, Shimmers, and Sir Tuck is not over yet…much more to come.

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