How to Help

100% of All Donations Go To The Animals

Call Lazy Creek Pet Supplies: 803-356-4995 They have our Wish List.

iGive Will Donate ¢10 To Us Daily

Add iGive Button To Your Browser to Help Hollow Creek Farm

iGive is an organization that will donate 10 cents daily to Hollow Creek Farm in YOUR name when you search. Just add the iGive button to your browser -- Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari -- choose Hollow Creek Farm as your charity. Then, iGive donates a dime daily to Hollow Creek Farm.

iGive also donates to Hollow Creek Farm in your name when you shop online. iGive partners with stores who donate a portion of eligible purchases to Hollow Creek Farm. It’s easy:

  1. Setup at
  2. Select Hollow Creek Farm Equine and Canine Rescue, Inc., Cause ID 27404
  3. iGive donates ¢10 daily through search, and shopping from eligible purchases to Hollow Creek Farm.
  4. Monthly reports tell you how much iGive donated to Hollow Creek Farm in your name.
  5. No cost to you, no action after sign-up.

Veterinary Care Costs

You can help Hollow Creek Farm with donations that go towards veterinary care, supplies, and other medical needs. We pay constantly for vaccines, de-wormers, heartworm medicine, flea and tick preventative, dog food, hay bales, grain, and of course routine and emergency vet bill payment.

You can also pay our vet clinic directly, or you can buy or send Jeffers Pet and Livestock Gift Certificates which provide the best prices on health care products we need. We have an existing WISH LIST.

Hay and Feed

One of our biggest challenges is to keep the hay barn and feed containers stocked at all times. A horse-quality round hay bale is $50 and one square hay bale costs $8. We go through these quickly with all of our livestock.

Hay costs approximately $10,000+ per year. Feed for horses, livestock, and dogs is over $17,000 per year. Tractor Supply gift certificates are greatly appreciated because the store has great deals and lowest costs.

Building Supplies

Shelters and fences need constant repairs so building supplies: wood, nails, fence posts, wire, tools, etc. are needed for new rescue arrivals. We keep our animals safe, but animals break fences. Weather destroys wood and metal so our barns and fences need ongoing repair.

We're very skilled builders, and we source for the best deals, we cut and mill our own trees to save money. We always need quality building materials and farm equipment to safely house the furry guests and their food. If you're a builder, or skilled craftsperson and want to help, contact us.

If you can help with food, materials, or professional building skills, contact us

Donate any amount.

Every dollar helps the Animals.

Adopt a Pet

You will find all of our current available adoptables on our petfinder listings. 

Please read the adoption procedure instructions before contacting us. 

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