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Adoption Applications

How do you adopt from Hollow Creek Farm? If you’d like to adopt a special needs furry guest from Hollow Creek Farm, we ask you to be prepared for a lifetime commitment to the animal that you want to adopt.

Talk with everyone who will be involved in the furry guest’s life. Make sure that there is an understanding from your family and your loved ones to address the special needs.

It’s a big step after that exciting first week home. We take a lot of time to look into your answers to be certain that the animal's life ahead with you will be loving, long-lasting safe and certain. Be sure and be honest, please. The animals deserve only the best after the lives they've lived.

Application Review & Approval Via E-mail Only

If you’re in a hurry for an answer, the Hollow Creek Farm Adoption process is not for you. We ONLY communicate AFTER your application is reviewed. This may take a few weeks.

We review, read, check references and then, approvals are sent to you via e-mail only.

Why does it take so long and why contact only by e-mail? We have a very small staff and we are thorough in the vetting of all adopters. We owe it to the animals to make sure that everything checks out. Don’t you think?

Thorough Application Review

We review the applications, we check references, vets, all answers and that may take several weeks. This is not the local animal shelter or typical animal rescue that gives dogs out in a day, a week, or less. We take time to ensure safe, loving forever homes.

Our furry guests have been through a lot and we want the home that you’re offering to be safe, stable and ready for a lifelong commitment. Whatever comes next has to be a permanent stable home with a commitment to care for an animal with special needs for the rest of its life.

If you adopt and circumstances warrant you being unable to care for the furry guest from Hollow Creek Farm, you are required to return the furry guest to Hollow Creek Farm. We will always be here to care for them. We hope this never happens, but things happen and we only want the dog or horse to come back to the Farm.

You are responsible for its food, its grooming, its exercise, its regular vet care, all medications including flea, tick, worming preventatives. If you fear a financial burden, now is the time to say so. If you feel there’s no one to help you care for the animal, you’re correct: the animal is 100% your responsibility.

If you’re certain you’re ready for this commitment, then we welcome your application and encourage you to take the time to complete this accurately and honestly.

We will need time to be sure that your answers are truthful and correct. We’re not trying to trick you with the questions. We want to know where this furry guest will spend its life with you and how you plan to take care of him or her.


Ready to Adopt? Follow These Steps:

Complete every line on the application form. Send when completed.

Complete the form and then wait to here from Hollow Creek Farm via e-mail.

Wait for an e-mail response. We DO NOT have a fax or phone line. Do NOT send e-mails asking questions. We e-mail you back IF and WHEN your background check is completed and an adoption is APPROVED. If you don’t hear back for several weeks, don’t worry. WE have your application, but we take time to check everything out. We’re a small staff so this will take longer than you may like. FYI: Donations or visits or volunteering do not guarantee an adoption.

Do NOT drive to the farm to see the furry guest that you are interested in. Visits ARE by APPOINTMENT for APPROVED adopters ONLY. This is not a place where anyone may come or drop in. It’s a private rescue and private property. We are a small operation and we are serious about the times that visits may occur.


Selecting an Animal

We know our adoptable animals very well. Your application allows us to learn about your situation and if a dog or horse or other furry guest would or would not be a match for you or for your family.

Our goal is to make a perfect match between you and your new family member
so the adoption is a success. Let us help you with this very important decision since we know our adoptable animals so well.

Please keep in mind that some dogs are not good with children, apartment living, or may require a fence, etc. Adoptions should be based on personality not just looks.

Adoption is a Lifetime Commitment

These are beautiful animals looking for their forever homes. Adopting=a lifetime of care. Are you ready for this commitment?
Sometimes there is not a fit. Adoption occurs when we know that you will provide a good loving home.

Adoption Fees

All Hollow Creek Farm dogs are spayed or neutered, vaccinated and heartworm tested.

Puppies, depending on age may require more vaccinations on scheduled depending on their age when adopted.

Adoption fees vary depending on the cost to provide them veterinary care and get them back to physical health. Typically fees will vary between $200 and $300.  Larger breed dogs cost more to spay and neuter it typically goes by weight.

Horses and other livestock have variable adoption fees depending on medical issues and training levels.

The adoption fees you pay cover animal medical care ONLY. Your adoption funds are used only to meet the needs of the animals.

Our Training

HCF dogs are raised in a household environment. We know everything about our dogs and we tell you the truth about their known behaviors. Dogs are socialized with other dogs, cats, and even livestock.

Most of the dogs spend enough time at HCF to learn basic house manners, they are socialized with other dogs.

Each dog has a different training level depending on how long they are at with us. We attempt to teach every dog basic obedience before placing for adoption.

Crate training and socialization are part of our rehab program for every dog. We also train adopters on how to properly handle their new furry family members.

Follow up training is free and we are always available for advice to make your pets transition easier and a happier time for your entire family.

Socializing, Housebreaking, Basic Obedience
Successful adoptions from Hollow Creek Farm to Forever Homes start with excellent training of animals and their new humans. The majority of Hollow Creek Farm dogs are obedience trained and housebroken BEFORE they leave so that adoptions go smoothly.

Our dogs are ready to walk into your hearts and your homes without the usual chaos of housebreaking and training. But, the responsibility to continue to train, care and support the special needs of our dogs is forever. We’re here to help if something comes up.

Adoption Benefits

Lifetime follow-up training is included and we are always available for advice to make your pets’ transition easier and a happier time for your entire family.

How do I know which dog suits my family or my lifestyle?

Hollow Creek Farm has high adoption standards and we expect our adoptable animals to be treated as family members.

Our furry guests and must receive exceptional care from our adopters in all cases.

We know our dogs. All HCF dogs live as household members – not in kennels or cages or outside 24-7. We match each family with the dog most suited for their situation.

All dogs have their own needs, energy levels, and different levels of training.  We look at the information on your application and guide you toward dogs that would match your family and lifestyle in a personal one on one consultation.

Are Dogs Fixed and Do They Have Shots?

Yes.  All dogs are spayed or neutered, up to date with vaccinations, wormed, and have been checked for heartworms, and go home with six months of heartworm preventative.

Are All Dogs Good with Kids?

No. Some dogs are good with children and some dogs are not. Each dog is different. We will help you find a dog that likes kids. Kids should not be the primary caregiver for the dogs, however, and cannot adopt dogs. The family may adopt and makes a commitment to care for the dog together.

Many Dogs, Many Breeds

HCF gets new dogs in all the time. After a two-week evaluation, we post them to the website for adoption.  If you are looking for a certain breed, let us know. We work with other rescues and shelters to help place adoptable animals.

Which Dog is Right for You?

That is where we help you match with a dog. Some people think a puppy is the ideal pet until they realize that the puppy has more responsibility associated with its care. Puppies do have small bladders and have accidents, chew shoes and furniture during teething without proper monitoring and activity.

Puppies require lots of exercise and playtime so if you’re a couch potato, adopt an older dog. However, puppies can be trained, exercised regularly, and housebroken with patience, a schedule and persistence.

Consider your lifestyle, the amount of time you have to dedicate to a new family member, and choose the dog personality to match you, your family and your other pets.


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