How Momma Dog Was Rescued

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June 1, 2023
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How Momma Dog Was Rescued

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How Momma Dog Was Rescued

Hollow Creek Farm Equine and Canine Rescue in South Carolina rescued a Beagle with 8 puppies 8/27/23. This is the story of how Momma Dog was rescued.

Please donate today to support her vet bills and the costs for rescuing 8 puppies. Keep up with the puppies and Momma’s progress on our Facebook page

We had an email come in from a citizen that had a dog on their hunting property that was living under the crawl space of an abandoned house on that property. We went out there to evaluate the situation, but we couldn’t catch her.

The Rescue Plan

So I had to come up with a plan. With the help of this fella and ourselves, we rigged up an idea for a catch pen type system where she was entering under the house, a temporary fence.

As weeks passed by trying to catch her and using different methods, she evaded everything. So finally we got her, and as you know, we noticed that she was very pregnant.

rescued momma dog hollow creek farm south carolina

Puppies, Momma Wouldn’t Have Made It

She went to have the puppies and the first one was stuck. So if she would’ve been out in the wild, all the puppies likely would’ve died and her. There was no way she could have dealt with that. The biggest puppy came first. It was absolutely a monster child.

She’s stable she just needs to gain weight. We’ll keep feeding her and get more weight on her, of course.

She’s extremely underweight, and so milk her production is just low at this time. So we’ve had her on a specialized diet to help milk production and have milk replacer here for the pups, so we could supplement them when needed.

We do a little eyedropper thingy. Just supplement the puppies once a day to make sure that everybody’s getting fed. She’s also missing a nipple: she only has seven nipples.

But she’s very sweet. She’s a very good girl.

Injured Foot Issue

And her foot is deformed or broken. She was probably hit by a car and has nerve damage. She’s already been seen by the vet, and has nerve damage in that limb, so it’s muscle waste atrophy, and she’s been dragging it for so long she’s actually basically removed the toe.

The toe has gone from dragging on the ground, although there’s no infection, which she’s extremely lucky for her at this point. The wound itself is healed, but she still drags it. She can’t use it at all. But for now she needs to get stronger and feed those puppies.

Eventually, she will have to have the leg amputated. Everything’s removed all the way, including the scapula, the shoulder, the scapula itself is removed because there’s nothing there. Complete muscle atrophy and waste.

But it will be at least seven more weeks. And then, we’ll make sure that her milk is completely dried up too, because we’re going to spay her at the same time. But if there’s still milk, you get too many blood vessels running through there and it causes a terrible mess.

We Need Donations: We Have 9 Dogs To Care For

We need donations because we have 9 dogs to care for. For the next eight weeks we’re going to have Momma Dog and eight pups we want people to sponsor because we have to pay for all of their:

  • Vaccines — which are multiple in the puppy series — starting at six weeks of age
  • De-worming
  • Food

We really can’t do much until they’re eight weeks old because of the vaccines needed, but so far they’re doing very well. All the puppies are healthy. Yep. Everybody’s doing great.

Thank You to Our Donors

We want to thank our two donors who stepped up to help by sponsoring 3 puppies. We have 5 more PLUS Momma:

  1. Kelly C who sponsored and named Bullwinkle AND Harlequin
  2. Chris D who sponsored and named Samson

When Can Pups Be Adopted?

We’ll find out more about them in about seven more days (9/18/23) and their little eyes start opening. Well, the ween date on those puppies is October 25th, but they have to be spayed or neutered before we will let them go.

It will be November-ish. We have to see how they’re doing if they can have juveniles spayed and neutered or not.

Right now we just need funds, we need puppy food, we need de-wormer expenses, and vet bill funds for all these puppies. And Momma.

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