Hounds for Heroes

Hollow Creek Farm Equine & Canine Rescue thanks our nation’s veterans for their brave and courageous service to our country. We provide veterans and their families no-fee approved application adoptions in our Hounds For Heroes Program.

Hounds For Heroes recognizes the heroic sacrifices, dedication, and commitment military veterans and their families have made to preserve freedom in our country and around the world.

Hollow Creek Farm Equine & Canine Rescue's Hounds For Heroes Program waives dog adoption fees for any active military service person, or veteran, who would like to adopt a dog. Each person must complete an adoption application, and meet our adoption standards.

The goal of the Hounds for Heroes dog adoption program is to provide dogs to military members and veterans. This program comes from the hearts of Hollow Creek Farm and was created to honor our military by pairing dogs with veterans and military members and their families.

Our doptable dogs are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, heartworm tested, have been socialized, have basic training, are housebroken and crate trained, and are looking for forever homes.

Please see dogs for adoption at: Petfinder or by looking at our Animals for Adoption page. There's a dog who will stand by you, love you and share life with you and your family.

Talk with us online to begin the process of finding a dog for you. Please look at both locations for a dog to adopt, then, please complete the Dog Adoption Application and follow the steps which include having patience with us. We PROMISE we will contact you after we've reviewed and checked all references and information. We WILL follow up with you by e-mail, so standby. 

Apply To Hounds for Heroes Program

Choose A Dog

1. Provide a formal military ID to show you are a military member currently serving, or are a retired military member to qualify.

Apply to Adopt

2. Complete the Dog Adoption Application and e-mail it to us.

What if I adopt a dog and I get deployed or have to move and can't take my dog with me?

The agreement you make with us is that your dog must be returned to Hollow Creek Farm in either case. Sometimes we can hold a dog until you return, or the dog may be adopted out to another family. But you agree that it must be done through Hollow Creek Farm.

Learn more about the adoption process

Adopt a Pet

You will find all of our current available adoptables on our petfinder listings. 

Please read the adoption procedure instructions before contacting us. 

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