Help Us, Help The Furry Guests

Your Donations Help Rescue Animals

When you donate to Hollow Creek Farm Rescue Equine and Canine rescue, your donations help rescue animals. The funds allow us to rescue animals, rehabilitate animals, and rehome animals. A rescue includes medical care, food, and shelter until the furry guest and if the furry guest can be placed in a #ForeverHome. 

We call our Hollow Creek Farm Rescue donors and supporters our #FarmFriends. It's the generosity of #FarmFriends that allows us to help continue rescuing animals and providing their care until and if they can be rehomed.

All donations go towards the care of the animals. We sincerely appreciate every one of our #FarmFriends.

Every Single Donation Helps

Every single donation helps. Items from our Amazon Wish list, PayPal donations, Lowes or Tractor Supply Co gift cards in any amount.

You can donate regularly, pitch in for emergency rescues, or, donate one time and with the simplest of purchases like these:
--A $5 Lowes Gift Card
--A $5 Tractor Supply Co Gift Card
--A $5 Amazon Gift Card
--A bottle of Bleach tablets
--A pack of Paper Towels
--A box Pill Pockets
--1 month of horse dewormer
--1 bottle of fly prevention spray

We appreciate how hard you work and your donations mean everything to us.

It Only Matters That You Help

It doesn't matter the size of the donation, it only matters that you help. If you buy 1 item, 1 purchase it helps us.

Buy a bottle of Fly Prevention Spray, a bottle of bleach tabs, a sunshade, a dog toy, a roll of paper towel. We're happy for it!

We're always short on cleaning supplies, Dog and horse supplies, deworming, flea/tick/heartworm preventatives.

Anything you purchase helps provide the furry guests' food, shelter, medical care, and well-being.

We always need building materials for constant fencing and repairs. Gifts from our Amazon Wish List, Lazy Creek Pet Supplies Wish List, Lowes Gift Cards and Tractor Supply Gift Cards are greatly appreciated. Through your donation, you can give us supplies we desperately need to make fence repairs, animal shelters, and enrichment areas.

iGive donates a dime a day to Hollow Creek Farm in your name when you add it to your browser at NO cost to you.

Lowes Gift Card Link – send via email to

Tractor Supply Gift Card Link – send via email to

Amazon Wish List Link

Thank you #FarmFriends for helping the Furry Guests of Hollow Creek Farm Equine and Canine Rescue!

Permanent Guests Need Love

A majority of our guests and rescues have disabilities and/or severe behavioral problems, often due to neglect or abuse. Many arrive with dire medical conditions that we treat and care for.

Not all of them can be adopted by the general public. Those who cannot be placed in a forever home will live out their lives at Hollow Creek Farm as Permanent Guests. We cannot save them all. And we don't rescue in large numbers.

Permanent Guests, however, are the most forgotten. Our Permanent Guests need your donations too. We share their stories, and then, they live out their lives on the farm. But we need your ongoing help to pay for their food and medical care.

Sponsor a Permanent Guest with a RECURRING monthly donation designated just for that animal. You can state this in your PayPal donation!

You can also give specific donations for specific items: surgeries, food, medication, special treats, toys, or enrichment items needed for the life and happiness of the animal. We welcome new Farm Friends who give what they can to support the animals.

Costs to Care For Our Furry Guests

1 40 lb. bag of dog food is $40 (3-day supply)
1 dog’s flea & tick monthly prevention per dog is $11
1 new arrival’s spay or neuter is $90+
1 round bale of hay is $90
1 bag of livestock feed for goats, pigs, horses (2-day supply) $15
1st round of vaccinations for new arrival dog is $55

This list does not include medications, surgeries, special feed, treats, toys, repairs, cleaning supplies, or many of the necessities.

Adopt a Pet

You will find all of our current available adoptables on our petfinder listings. 

Please read the adoption procedure instructions before contacting us. 

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