December 28, 2021
December 28, 2021


About the Dog


Yes, Zoe is available for adoption! If they’re listed here, they’re available.

Meet Zoe, a loving, friendly, and gentle 8-year-old, 55-pound, American Staffordshire Terrier.

Zoe has immaculate house manners, she is crate trained, house trained, spayed, has had all her shots, and takes flea and heartworm prevention meds.

Zoe is dreaming of the day when she gets to walk in the door of her new home and can run and jump onto the sofa to snuggle up with her humans. She is excellent on the leash and is fond of long walks around the neighborhood.

Zoe must be adopted as an only dog as she does not do well living with all other dogs. Some dogs she likes (mostly male dogs), but females, not so much.

Zoe loves treats, a good cushiony dog bed, and will curl up with you on your bed if you’ll let her.

Zoe is a sweet dog who craves attention, head scratches, belly rubs, and a good football game on TV. (She’ll even sit through soccer and baseball games as long as there are snacks).

We are accepting applications to adopt Zoe now. First, please read our adoption policy and fill out an application https://hollowcreekfarm.org/animals-for-adoption/

You will have to wait to hear back from us as it takes time – sometimes weeks -- to check references. We are busy caring for the furry friends on the farm.

If you are sincere, we will take your application and the time you put into completing it seriously. Please be patient. Zoe is worth the effort and we screen extensively to ensure that our dogs don’t go through any more trauma.

Complete your Adoption Applications for Gates at https://hollowcreekfarm.org/animals-for-adoption/

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