Sweet Melissa

March 9, 2022
February 6, 2022


About the Dog

We found Melissa on the side of the highway. Most dogs in the kind of shape Melissa was in, have some form of organ failure from starvation. She was in really really bad shape. It was clear someone had used her as dog fight bait and dumped her.

She was riddled with deep lacerations, some up to 6" long. Her hair was falling out, she was covered in fleas, scaly skin, speckled in dried blood all over, her muzzle was covered in old and new scars.

But the Palmetto Veterinarians saved her! It was wonderful to watch her health improve and see her enjoying her new life at Hollow Creek Farm. Melissa recovered after a year and found a forever home.

This little brown dog brought out the best in people. She was one of the sweetest dogs we have encountered, one of the bravest, and one of the most determined. She was a hero in her own right.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff at Palmetto Vet for all they did to save and help Melissa.

The entire staff deserves a big thanks – and we cannot tell you enough how great they are.

Thanks also to Pit Bull Rescue Central for the $200 grant to help with her extensive treatment cost.

The little brown dog was named Sweet Melissa and her battle to live continued at Hollow Creek Farm, the entire vet staff at Palmetto Vet, and our farm friends did not give up on her.

Sweet Melissa R.I.P. you are missed and you are loved.

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