February 1, 2022
February 1, 2022


About the Dog

Suzie lived at Hollow Creek Farm for 16 years. Suzie came to us as a malnourished puppy. Her owner fed her lunch meat and people food instead of dog food. Dogs have special dietary needs and must have the right balance to grow and stay healthy.

Suzie was rescued as a baby, but Suzie’s bones didn’t form properly from that extended time of malnourishment. Therefore when full-grown, Suzie’s legs were unable to support her own weight. She had to scoot herself around on her little malformed legs.

But there was no pity party here! No worries because Suzie happily lived out her days on a primetime Queen dog bed located above all other dogs perched in the softest of armchairs front and center in the Hollow Creek Farm living room.

Suzie scooted around the floor as well happily directing dog and human house traffic. Suzie was always the first dog to bark at the hint of an intruder. She lived out her days here playing and demanding her two nightly biscuits and filtered ice water that she drank out of a human glass. We were here simply to serve her. We miss Suzie but cherish her sassy personality. R.I.P. Suzie.

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