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Micro Maa
May 26, 2019
January 17, 2019


About the dog

Steve arrived in 2007 with a badly damaged rear leg. After several corrective surgeries Steve’s leg wouldn’t heal. He wore a semi-permanent removable cast to support his paw that dragged occasionally.

No worries! Steve is happy, takes it easy to keep his leg in good shape and is the official mouth licker of the farm. Close it or he’ll get you good.

Steve happily runs about even though he is missing one toe. Steve also has a very special friend named Rocky--his pet rock. Yes, Steve has a pet rock he carries and protects from other dogs and any perceived threats.

Steve’s first pet rock was killed in a lawn mowing accident. Since then, if you start the mower he will burst out the door to collect and defend his new pet rock. Steve enjoys standing over his rock just barking and napping on the sofa.

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