May 10, 2017


About the Dog

Speedy was one happy dog after his rescue in 2011. He was a Corgi who was dumped at a shelter with a broken back!

We took him in, put him on wheels and taught him how to eat dog biscuits and play with toys. He was fitted in a gently used rig by Eddie’s Wheels through the kindness of Hollow Creek Farm donors.

We are grateful to have had the chance to share our lives with him because he was such a joy and loved everyone he met. Thank you all for showing Speedy so much love and generosity in helping with his medical care and most importantly getting him wheels.

He was a good dog and Speedy was an inspiration. Speedy will be greatly missed by all. There was a memorial fund setup for Speedy so other dogs in need of wheels got the help they need.

Speedy passed away May 7, 2014, and was laid to rest under the dogwood tree in Tommy Land at Hollow Creek Farm.

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