Moses (Donkey)
September 19, 2017


About the Horse

Sequoia arrived in 2004. This roly-poly mare came in a snorting beast and now is gentle enough to plop any child or adult on her back. Laid back and lazy, Sequoia gets along with all the new horses. She has done a wonderful job to help socialize orphan foals that come in and is a companion to the senior and special needs horses.

Sequoia never turns down a treat. She stands approximately 15hh and is a Clydesdale-Arabian PMU foal.

PMU is short for the horrible industry that cultivates pregnant mares urine for Premarin (PREgnant MARes uRINe), a hormone replacement therapy drug prescribed to millions of women worldwide.

The PMU industry is harsh: they mate horses only to produce foals that will then produce hormone-filled urine. PMU mares are held in deplorable conditions, for barbaric uses and gathering urine in an awful and painful manner and then, dump the foals.

The foals are no longer needed unless they’re recycled into this cruel industry. Most are shipped to slaughter for human consumption overseas.

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