Sentinel and Interceptor

May 28, 2019
Moses (Donkey)
September 19, 2017


About the Dogs

The Farm has two incredible working dogs that are Turkish Kangal Shepherds. Sentinel, the male, and Interceptor, the female, are three years old as of March 2022.

They will not tolerate anything going after or threatening our livestock. A farm friend gave us the greatest gift when they donated these dogs to Hollow Creek Farm.

Two big paws up and 50 tail wags for Sentinel, a 150 lb male, and Interceptor, a 110 lb female who are the smartest and best dogs on the planet, and the Best Ranch Hands ever!!

They’re Turkish Kangal Shepherd dogs naturally born and bred to do what they do. They protect livestock – goats, cattle, horses, farm birds -- from coyotes, bears, snakes anything that poses danger to the herd. We’ve had no loss of life since they arrived here.

When a bull is upset because a cow is calving and other cow is in heat, they will move that bull for us to a safe distance so we can assist the cow.

They help and run on pure instinct. They know when to step up to the plate and make decisions. Don't have to ask, don't have command, they just have an innate sense of what to do at all times to help.

They also alerted me to the pretty big twig that fell on the barn roof -- which did not belong there. Because they let me know that, there’s a special dinner for them!

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