May 9, 2022
Sweet Melissa
February 7, 2022


About the Dog

Almost 13 years ago we left your farm with a beautiful yellow lab/golden retriever mix named Roxie. She landed at Hollowcreek after having poultry issues at a farm.

Roxie had the softest fur and soulful eyes. She has been my shadow, greeting us every time we returned home with a wag and a smile. She had a super snout able to smell any crumbs in a backpack. An expert with her teeth, she could unzip bags and carefully hide the contents.

She was known around the neighborhood as the Belle of the hood. She was the epitome of gentleness. She had an unreturned love of cats until about 15 months ago when we brought home two kittens. She tolerated licks, claws and kitten bites, shared her bed and offered protection from visiting dogs.

About 14 months ago, she was diagnosed with a tumor on her liver. She had been in “hospice” since where she had no rules and lots of treats.

She died this past Wednesday (3/9/22). I don’t know if you remember her but wanted you to know she was loved.

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