October 8, 2020
May 28, 2019


About the Dog

Pumpy is one of our youngest permanent guests. She is a canine genius which is her major issue causing her to be unadoptable. She can figure just about anything out or she barges her way through it.

She’ll barrel through windows, screen doors, leap into cars, jump on top of and climb hay rounds, trucks with stuff in them.

From time to time that includes launching herself onto the dinner table during mealtime. Which in Pumpy’s mind just makes sense. After all, the food is on the table, others are enjoying it, so it must be delicious and she wants some too!

Pumpy loves people, but she also likes to tease people. She’s great with the livestock and is hilarious to interact with and work with here at the farm.

Sometimes Pumpy has a bit more courage than she probably should. She’s highly intelligent and can figure out a work around to get into just about anything she wants.

She can be snippy and territorial with other dogs, so she is a dog that must always be managed. The majority of people don't want to put the time into a dog like Pumpy, or manage her intelligence. But we are thrilled she’s a part of the farm and she’ll join our other permanent guests in the daily fun we have.

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