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May 4, 2022
December 28, 2021


About the Dog

Piper is a playful, energetic, less than 1 YO old Boxer-Terrier mix.

Piper likes other dogs but has lots of energy so she is best suited -- if there is another dog in the house -- for another dog that can tolerate a frisky, very spirited dog. She can be quite rough and bouncy with older grumpy dogs, or little dogs.

Piper loves people and will latch onto you like Velcro and follow you everywhere. Yes, everywhere. Her ideal home would be a work from home situation and she would be an excellent dog for our PTSD Emotional Support Dog program. She glues to people, sticks to people.

Piper is still very much a puppy. She's bouncy, dorky, and very puppy-like. She also, as puppies do, has a shoe fetish: new, old, no problem...they're all very delicious. You will have to put them in a closed closet, or trunk. Not up on a counter...Piper is very agile and will jump up to get those tasty (new or old) shoes. The trade off will be good strong and challenging/safe chew toys. Kong toys, throw toys, she loves toys. Please no rawhide! Bad for her belly.

Piper needs a fully fenced yard to play in and get her daily exercise. She is full of young dog energy.

Piper came to us in February 2022. Animal control took Piper away from former owners who were told to get medical care for her broken leg after she was hit by a car, but they didn't. Poor Piper did not receive proper veterinary care for a long while and was dragging her leg around!

But that is all in her past. She came to Hollow Creek Farm Rescue and we had the vet remove her badly damaged leg. She recovered quickly and has been running around and feeling great ever since.

NOW, Piper is doing exceptionally well. She is all fixed up, safe, loved, and looking for a Forever Home. Piper will require a new owner who is experienced in handling dogs as they change environments -- from our farm to her new home. She will need obedience training as she is young, but she learns quickly and she's smart.

Piper needs to be treated like the little gem that she is. Piper can escape a crate so a secure crate is required. She can get anxious in new locations as rescue dogs do, and will need lots of exercise and time to adjust to her new surroundings, especially a new crate and new home.

We are accepting applications to adopt Piper now.

NOTE: You will have to wait to hear back from us. Be patient! It takes time to check all your references. And we are a small crew caring 24-7 for the furry friends on the farm.

But we take your application and the time you put into completing it seriously. Please wait to hear from us: we screen extensively to ensure that our dogs will live safe and happy lives in forever homes.

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