March 8, 2022
February 16, 2022


About the Dog

Piper is a playful, energetic, 1 YO old Boxer-Terrier mix.

Piper likes other dogs and has lots of energy. She gets along with any other dog that can tolerate a frisky, very spirited girl.

Piper loves people and has latched onto her #ForeverFamily like Velcro and will follow them everywhere. She is now in her ideal home where she can glue to her Super Hoomans.

Piper is very puppy-like. She's bouncy, dorky, and very funny. She also, as puppies do, has a shoe fetish: new, old, no problem...they're all very delicious. Piper is very agile and can jump.

Piper is full of young dog energy.

Piper came to Hollow Creek Farm Rescue in February 2022. Animal control took Piper away from former owners who were told to get medical care for her broken leg after she was hit by a car, but they didn't. Poor Piper did not receive proper veterinary care for a long while and was dragging her leg around!

But that is all in her past. She came to Hollow Creek Farm Rescue and we had the vet remove her badly damaged leg. She recovered quickly and has been running around and feeling great ever since.

NOW, Piper is doing exceptionally well with her #ForeverFamily where she is safe and loved.

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