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December 30, 2021


About the Dog

Parker D. Dog was a furry brindle Chow who had a bad case of “Stranger Danger.” He was found as a stray pulled from the shelter. He was with us from 2004 until 2/3/19.

Every abused dog has memories of what happened to them. We don’t know all the dogs’ stories, but we see how abuse and neglect affects them. Parker was very stand-offish because all people were suspect to him. But he liked us and trusted us so he stayed here where he was safe, forever.

In the summer, we’d cut the thick hair into a Lion cut to keep him cool. Parker usually sported a mohawk hairdo. It took about a week to finish his haircut as we only did as much as he was comfortable with each day. Parker was a sweet and easy dog for us to care for. It was an honor to have served such a wise old dog like Parker. Senior Dogs Rock!

Hollow Creek Farm shared nearly two decades of friendship with this wonderful dog. Parker never took to strangers but was trusting with us. Glad we were able to let him live as he chose. He loved receiving his bad hairdos and barking at us until we would give him a biscuit. He trained us well. His silence and calm from a distance is missed.

Thank you Dr. McGarity for the great service in making his passing much easier on him and us right here at the farm where he was comfortable and calm.

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