Oskar Borbas

December 29, 2021
December 29, 2021


About the Bird

Oskar Borbas

Oskar Borbas was left at the farm one day and fit right in -- with the chickens -- even though he's a Guinea Fowl.

Oskar self-identifies as a chicken and has found his place on the farm by caring for the peeps. A peep is a surprise chick that hatches outside the hen house. It appears one day without a hen to claim it so Oskar takes it on and keeps it warm and protected. 

Oskar is also an incredible alarm and alerts us if there's a fox, or a snake: he's very brave. He sounds like a car alarm (listen to this!) so we know when there's danger nearby. 

But for some reason, even if the gate is open, he won't go out. He knows he's where he belongs and where he's loved here at the farm.

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