Norman Reedus

Godot Perch
September 19, 2017
September 18, 2017


About the Goat

Norman Reedus was a goat destined for slaughter in October 2013 when we rescued him.

Norman Reedus lived at Hollow Creek Farm climbing hills, wrasslin’ other goats for fun, and doing the occasional leap for joy.

He was named in honor of the lead character from our favorite TV show “The Walking Dead" because he had that fearless Daryl attitude and the same cool swagger. He was definitely a goat to be reckoned with.

Norman had lots of personality so he did very well teaching feral goats and abused goats the ropes when they came to join the herd here at the farm. Norman Reedus was powerful with his horns and he enjoyed butting heads with Gilbert D. Goat.

R.I.P. Norman Reedus, you are missed.

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