October 8, 2020
May 26, 2019


About the Dog

Nigel, 14, was a brown dog who came to us because of some dominance issues which stemmed from his own insecurities.

Nigel was constantly stirring up trouble for the other dogs. He was very demanding and unfortunately, failed at adoption attempts -- twice here -- and another time at a previous rescue.

Nigel believed that every bed was his, every treat was his, every bowl of food was his. He did not share well with others and from time to time would challenge a human if the prize was thought to be worthy of putting up a fight over. No training, behavioral or other could change this boy.

Nigel was his own dog and we had worked out our relationship with him, because he was not suited for the average hooman home.

The only dog that was higher on the pecking list: Daisy Diva.

Nigel lived his life out with us here at Hollow Creek Farm because we could see his positive side. We knew how to keep our relationship in balance with him.

Nigel had cancer growing in his nasal passage that was making him very uncomfortable. HUGE Thank you to Dr. Gretchen Kelly for helping Nigel stay comfortable for these past few years and for being there at the end.

To donate in Nigel's memory, just hit the donate button. Or donate treats and toys to the other furry guests in his memory...they were his faves.

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