Murtagh Fitzgibbons Fraser

Lewis Van Poopenduser
July 13, 2022


About the Dog

Yes, Murtagh Fitzsimmons Fraser is available for adoption! If they are LISTED HERE they are available!!

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NO: We do NOT SHIP DOGS. All Dogs MUST be met in Person by Prospective Owners ONLY AFTER Approved Adoption Application.

Veterans/First Responders Adoption Program is Hounds For Heroes:

Wow! Look at this beautiful boy! Murtagh Fitzgibbons Fraser has come a very long way since his rescue 6/9/22. Abuse and neglect are in his past because he’s with friends and Hollow Creek Farm Rescue will make sure he gets the best, most wonderful and incredible #ForeverHome.

Murtagh is very friendly with dogs and with people. Cats/kids are unknown. But we know he walks well on a leash and he knows a few commands too!

Murtagh enjoys a good chat and lots and lots of cuddles on the couch and the bed. Murtagh is now standing by for the right person to take him home forever ‘n ever. He’s a sweet boy with a good heart and his entire future ahead of him. Such a good pup and just needs love, gentleness, kindness and good times ahead.

Murtagh is between 5 to 7 years old, 62 lbs., neutered, vaccinated, on flea/tick/HW preventative.

Let’s make sure this adorable furry guest gets adopted with a brand new start with the perfect pup parent!

To Adopt, Murtagh Fitzgibbons Fraser you must complete an adoption application and WAIT patiently, please.

Learn about our adoption process HERE:

You will have to wait to hear back from us as it takes time – sometimes weeks -- to check references. We are a small busy crew caring for the furry friends on the farm 24-7.

We take your application and the time you put into completing it very seriously. Please be patient. Our furry guest is worth the effort and we screen extensively to ensure they will go to a home committed to caring for them and loving them #FOREVER.

We will be posting updates about Murtagh as we get to know him better. He will be evaluated and start basic obedience training while he waits for his forever family to adopt him.

Veterans/First Responders Adoption Program is Hounds For Heroes:

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