Murtagh Fitzgibbons Fraser

September 25, 2022
Miss Tootie
July 13, 2022


About the Dog

Yes, Murtagh Fitzsimmons Fraser is available for adoption! If they are LISTED HERE they are available!!

Murtagh is a 5-6 year old, 70lb Labrador Retriever mix who was rescued as a stray 6/9/22. Murtagh is looking for a loving, gentle ForeverHome. Abuse and neglect are in his past because he’s with friends now! Hollow Creek Farm Rescue will make sure he gets the best, most wonderful, incredible #ForeverHome.

Murtagh is a Disney Dog because he is: quiet, loving, cuddly, gentle, obedient, perfect house manners and just LOVES other dogs and people. Cats/kids are unknown but he's very gentle with the 12 and 14 year olds who have met him. And he didn't go crazy over the cats that were around him.

Murtagh is a mellow boy who would be as happy curled up on the couch watching TV and movies, as he would be taking a walk around the neighborhood. Murtagh is a very calm, laid-back boy who walks really well on a leash. He would love to take walks to coffee shops, or on a picnic, or, go for a ride in the car to run errands with you, or take a road trip. He's very good in the car!

We think that at some point he lived in a home because he knew his commands when he arrived. He knows sit, stay, down, come. He loves to be rewarded with a hug or a treat. Murtagh was unfortunately tied outside and neglected due to the awful collar we found on him, then, he was a stray who was starving, burned from sun exposure, and skinned up all over his poor body. He came to a home begging for food and water. They fed him gave him water and wanted to take him in, but could not and wanted to make sure Murtagh was going to be OK. Now Murtagh is safe, he has gained weight and is a very healthy adorable boy looking for love, forever.

Murtagh is a good listener, and looks you in the eye when you talk to him. He loves cuddles on the couch and will sleep on the a dog bed and is NOT destructive or aggressive at all.

Murtagh is waiting for a Hooman to love him, take him home, feed him, give him treats, walk him, care for him forever ‘n ever. He’s a good boy with a big heart and his entire future ahead of him. Such a good pup and just needs love, gentleness, kindness and good times ahead.

Murtagh is neutered, vaccinated, on flea/tick/HW preventative. Now, let’s make sure this adorable furry guest gets adopted with a brand new start with the perfect pup parent!

To adopt, Murtagh Fitzgibbons Fraser you must complete an adoption application and WAIT patiently, please to hear from US.

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You will have to wait as it takes time – sometimes weeks -- to check references. We are a small busy crew caring for the furry friends on the farm 24-7.

We take your application and the time you put into completing it very seriously. Please be PATIENT. Our furry guest is worth the effort and we screen extensively to ensure they will go to a home committed to caring for them and loving them #FOREVER.

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