Sweet Melissa
February 7, 2022
February 2, 2022


About the Dog

Hank was a Hound Coon Hound Dog found by Animal Control in 2012. He had been shot in the face and was his whole body was riddled with buckshot, it had also hit his eyes and around his face. So he lost his eyes...had to have them removed.

Funny thing about Hank? Even without eyesight, he escaped twice from his kennel at Animal Control and went down to the shed. That’s just where Hank wanted to be.

Hank was awesome, a senior dog with a big personality. Hank was a porch dog at Hollow Creek which means he was one of the several dogs “on guard” who laid on the porch almost every day right outside the front door. After six lovely years on the farm, Hank passed away in 2018.

R.I.P. Hank you were so awesome and we miss you.

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