Godot Perch

September 19, 2017
Gilbert D. Goat
September 18, 2017


About the horse

Godot Perch came to Hollow Creek Farm in 2002. Perch was headed for slaughter for human consumption overseas and arrived with five other PMU foals. These are foals born to mares whose sole job is to produce urine for pharmaceutical companies.

PMU (PREgnant MARes urine) is used by drug companies to make hormone replacement therapy drugs that contain high amounts of estrogen gathered from pregnant mares. Mares are bred and endure lives pregnant standing in factories strapped up to produce the urine. Foals are discarded for slaughter.

Perch was quite a handful and not ready for adoption until he started a rigorous training program. He now enjoys playing soccer, tag, fetch, responds to voice commands and has problem-solving skills.

Perch stands 16.3hh and is as gentle as a lamb. His training continues and he is our PMU Ambassador. He helps teach other horses that humans are not scary. He is a Percheron-Thoroughbred cross and is by far one of the smartest horses we’ve had the pleasure of spending time with. He has issues accepting other horses into his herd, which prevented him from finding a home.

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