Count Spatula
Count Spatula
September 18, 2021
May 28, 2019


About the Dog

We found Gilligan on a deserted island, emaciated and covered in scars. It was clear he had been abandoned.

He had a severe heart worm infection which we treated, but despite the heart worm, he pulled through and lived a long life of over 13 years here at Hollow Creek Farm.

He had congestive heart failure which required daily medication. He also has had several mast cell tumor removal surgeries.

In 2022, thankfully, medication gave Gilligan an extra year of quality life. But in 2023, his heart was failing and we decided it was time.

Thank You Dr. Kelly for making his passing peaceful.

Gilligan was a loving and gentle dog who brought joy to everyone who knew him. He was always happy to meet new people and play with his dog friends here at Hollow Creek Farm. Fetch was a very exciting game for Gilligan who loved to run and catch sticks and balls.

Gilligan got along great with other dogs and was a quiet guy who loved giving kisses and smushing up against humans on the couch to watch movies or take long naps.

He was a true friend and companion, and he will be deeply missed. We hope we brought Gilligan as much joy in his life as he brought to us and others.

He had many years with us and after a difficult adoption attempt, Gilligan was returned to live forever on our farm. Well guess what? We’re happy to have had him. Who could resist that face? There was no better pillow and leaning buddy on the couch.

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