June 5, 2022
December 28, 2021


About the Dog

Edith Bunker

Yes, Edith Bunker is available for adoption! If they're on PetFinder, they're still AVAILABLE.

Edith Bunker is a 60-pound, 1-year-old red Doberman Pinscher with energy and power. Edith is a very energetic, very playful, loving goofy girl who we think would make an outstanding agility dog because of her speed, leaping, jumping, and climbing ability. Edith is very puppy-like, and she is not aggressive at all. Sweetheart!

Edith's hooman prefers to go outdoors for fun and engage and explore with their dog. She needs a yard to run in and someone who would throw a ball for her. A work at home person would be great! Are you a veteran? Do you need a dog who will make you feel safe? Edith is it. Look at our Hounds For Heroes Program!

Edith is a youngster and will thrive with a good obedience trainer and classes because she is as smart as a whip and listens well. Edith is very intelligent and looks right at you when you talk and listens to whatever it is you want to tell her. Very nice house manners. She is housebroken AND crate trained. She likes other dogs and should play with big dogs, not tiny dogs... She's gentle but a Chihuahua and Edith wouldn't be a good size matchup.

NOTE: Edith must be adopted as an ONLY dog by a VERY experienced dog owner with ENERGY and some real obedience training skill. Someone who is athletic, and who has handled active dogs. Edith is on the go, go, go when she runs at the farm!! She is a working dog who needs to jog, hike, and bike with a physically fit and active hooman.

NOTE: Edith has made friends with Skeerdy and many other dogs. She was very well-behaved with Skeerdy and she likes to play with everyone now! She stayed inside the fence here, but she was watched. She loves the Farm and is comfortable here. But she can't stay. She needs an active busy person to keep her moving.

MUST HAVE: a 6-foot fence is required for Edith's new home because she easily leaps a 4-foot fence.

If you have KIDS: Your kids MUST be over the age of 16 AND be athletic and physically able to handle Edith Energy.

Edith will be very excited when you first meet her because, well, who wouldn't be happy to meet a possible FOREVER hooman? Edith is loving, she cuddles, but, needs a physically strong person who will regularly run her and who likes to be active vs. sit on the couch and watch TV.

What is Edith Like? Edith Bunker loves food, loves to go for walks on the leash, but prefers to jog for a while first. She likes other dogs, but she must be an ONLY dog in her new home. Edith (named after dear, sweet, kindhearted Edith Bunker) had a really rough go of it before coming to Hollow Creek Farm.

Her owner became suddenly ill, so poor Edith was sent to a home where things did not go well at all for her. Edith Bunker arrived at the farm very skinny and underfed, full of fleas and worms. And it appears she had been smashed in the head because the side of her noggin is a bit smushed in on one side. You really can't tell unless you're looking right at her.

Don’t worry, we had her checked out thoroughly by the vet and thankfully she has no health issues. The vet cleared Edith and found that she has a very slight head shake. You won’t notice it and she’s as happy and sweet as a dog can be.

Funny how some love, good dogfood, vet care, and a soft bed can change a dog’s life. Now, if only Edith could find her forever family: someone to run her, brush her, play with her, put her to work doing something physical...then she will hang out on the couch at the end of a long day with you, and make your life and her life complete.

She would be a super hiking, walking or jogging partner, or dog to go out and hang around with others.

She is spayed, vaccinated, taking flea/heartworm prevention, house trained and crate trained. Edith has not been around kids or cats, but she is well behaved in the house. The only thing she needs is a forever home.

We are accepting applications to adopt Edith now. Please read our adoption policy and fill out an application by clicking button below.

NOTE: You will have to wait to hear back from us. Be patient! It takes time to check all your references. And we are a small crew caring 24-7 for the furry friends on the farm.

But we take your application and the time you put into completing it seriously. Please wait to hear from us: we screen extensively to ensure that our dogs will live safe and happy lives in forever homes.

Complete your Adoption Application for Edith Bunker by clicking button below.

SPONSOR EDITH: If you love Edith but cannot adopt her right now you can be her sponsor. Edith is a beautiful girl who came to us in December 2021. She was anxious and very energetic. Now she’s settled down, she loves playing with other dogs, she’s crate trained, and she loves attention.

By sponsoring Edith, you can help support her and Hollow Creek Farm as she waits for her forever family by providing heartworm and flea/tick preventative, food, treats, toys, specifically for Edith! To send Edith a gift just ask us for her wish list.

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