About the Dog

Mister Doo is a Permanent Guest who came to Hollow Creek Farm Rescue

Doo is a playful, smart 2 year old, 40 lb. full grown male Boxer-Labrador Retriever mix who LOVES toys! He takes them EVERYWHERE with him.

Doo is very athletic, and he has a big dog brain that can outsmart and challenge most hoomans. He's playful, energetic, very active and must be busy Doo-ing stuff.

Doo can only be handled by experienced dog people with obedience training skills who know how to handle what Doo brings with his personality. Doo does great as long as he is very physically active. He loves to run, jump, climb, and would be an excellent agility dog.

Here at the Rescue, Doo shows new dogs the ropes, the schedule, how to enjoy playing with other dogs -- with Doo as the lead -- of course! Doo is in our playgroup of multiple dogs who he gets along with really well.

Doo likes racing around and playing with his toys in the yard, the house, everywhere!

Doo’s weakness is delicious dog treats. His dream is a soft dog bed after a long day of running or couch with a stash of his favorite toys and treats.

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