December 29, 2021
December 28, 2021


About the Dog


Daisy is a senior Chihuahua and she is here because she only likes a few people and a few dogs. Daisy is the Diva of Hollow Creek Farm. We humans exist only to do her bidding.

She also pretends she is invisible if it is raining or too cold to go out and potty.
People who know Daisy know that you are NOT allowed to pet her unless you give her a high-value treat first. Do NOT try to pass off some dried-up milk bone type treat in exchange for petting rights. Daisy is not stupid. Her petting fee is high.
Daisy also likes to scream like a Banshee when a visitor comes and each night when the dogs get their nightly treats. So there is that too.
Daisy is cool with us, but she rejects new people so she has not adoptable. People typically do not want to adopt a dog that they cannot pet, nor are they willing to give them the time as needed to form a cooperative relationship with her. Daisy is a senior citizen now and she has earned the right not to put up with crap. No kids/obnoxious dogs home, quiet, sofa required, and again high value treats. We love Daisy and she is here forever.
If you would like to help out with Daisy's vet bills you can donate below.

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