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December 29, 2021
October 8, 2020


About the Dog

Cuddle Jo's Valentine's Day Wish List

Cuddle Jo has a Valentine's Day Wish List and has yet to receive any gifts! Here is Cuddle Jo's Valentine's Day Wish List on Amazon. She needs to know she's special so we chose some of her favorite things to make this adorable cuddly girl feel extra loved!

Cuddle Jo is a sweet, gentle, big 'ol mush face who loves nothing more than to take an undisturbed (VERY IMPORTANT) nap. Of course, this Great Pyrenees mix has personality galore and joins us for TV time...until she nods off.

Cuddle Jo (think the OPPOSITE of CuJo) is an incredibly gentle, wonderful, gentle, loving dog. But there is this thing...quiet kind of a growling thing...that happens ONLY when she is startled awake from a deep sleep.

You've heard the phrase "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie?" Well, if Cuddle Jo is napping, resting, eyes closed on the dog bed, floor, couch...let her be. OR at least be kind and wake her gently with a few words said softly to wake her up without a scare.

This is the only reason we say “NO KIDS” is because Cuddle Jo is a heavy sleeper and is easily startled when you wake her up without talking to her first. You’ve heard the old saying "let sleeping dogs lie.” Well, it applies to her. Just don't poke at her or wake her or scare her with loud noises when she is asleep.

But when Cuddle Jo is awake she lights up a room with happy prancing and tail wags. She loves to be petted, brushed and loved on all day long. She has perfect house manners and she listens very well.

Cuddle Jo is into taking walks, listening to show tunes, she loves dog dancing, and long undisturbed naps. She is an easy-to-care-for, laid back, calm girl who enjoys a delicious snack coupled with all the attention you can muster.

Cuddle Jo is about 5 years old, 60 pounds of love, and has recovered from being heartworm positive, and from an eye entropion that has been surgically repaired. Both cause her no further issues. She enjoys being brushed, cuddled, snuggled and left to nap quietly.

Cuddle Jo is on thyroid medication that requires one pill taken twice a day. The cost is only $6 per month for the thyroid medication. She takes it like a champ with a dog treat. (she would love a sponsor!)

Cuddle Jo is a Rescue Dog who was not well cared for before coming to us. She was left at a dumpster after her owner died. It took us over a week to teach her what a dog bed was and to get her to enjoy treats. She was picked up by animal control as a stray, loaded with fleas, eye entropion, heartworm, and the poor thing, she was stinky too.

But we made sure Cuddle Jo got all the vet care she needed. She is healthy, happy, playful and may even one day, ONLY for the patient, experienced, loving home, find a forever home. She is vaccinated, spayed, housebroken, crate trained, good on leash and with other dogs.

Thank you Foothills Animal Clinic, and Patti, and the many other people who we thank. It’s because of all those caring people who helped save her, that she is where she is today, and wowza! She's worth it!

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