Cuddle Jo

Cousin Dog
October 8, 2020


About the Dog

Cuddle Jo is a 4 year old, blind, female Great Pyranees-Boxer Mix. Cuddle Jo (the opposite of CuJo) is a big, loving, sweet wonderful girl. She’s affectionate, playful, well trained, and housebroken.

Cuddle Jo is a gentle cuddler who loves everyone and wants to be petted all day long. She has perfect house manners and she listens very well.

She is about 4 years old, weighs about 65 pounds and has been fully vetted. She came to us with an eye entropion (an eyelid folds inward causing pain) that has been surgically repaired and will cause no further issues.

Cuddle Jo is heartworm positive and is being treated for this. She is also on thyroid medication and will require 1 pill twice a day. The cost is about $6 a month for her thyroid medication. Heartworm medicine/treatment is included in her adoption.

Cuddle Jo is into taking walks, listening to show tunes, dancing with others and enjoying long, undisturbed naps. If you are looking for an easy to care for, laid back, sweet dog that loves petting and attention she is the dog for you!

Cuddle Jo had double eye surgery, has had her teeth cleaned, and her thyroid taken care of. But she was not well cared for before coming to us. It took over a week to teach her what a dog bed was and to get her to enjoy treats.

She was picked up by animal control as a stray, loaded with fleas, eye entropion, heartworm, and stinky. She was just sad, but now, she’s happy and playful! All she needs is a forever home to call her own. Will you become Cuddle Jo’s new forever family?

PS: The only reason she’s listed as “NO KIDS” is because Cuddle Jo is a very heavy sleeper and is easily startled. If you wake her up without talking to her first, she could become scared and jump because of this, and she’s rather large.

Thank you to Foothills Animal Clinic, and Patti, and many other people who we thank. It’s because of all those caring people who helped save her, that she is where she is today, and she is worth it!

Her vaccinations are up to date, and she’s spayed and housebroken. If you’re interested in adopting Cuddle Jo, you’ll need to first complete the Adoption Application form.

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