Cousin Dog

Cuddle Jo
October 8, 2020
October 8, 2020


About the Dog

Meet Cousin Dog, a blind, 4 to 6 year old, 65 pound female Black Labrador Retriever mix. When we found her, she had been thrown out of her home after her owner passed away. Cousin Dog was literally dumped on the street. And yes, they knew that she was 100% blind.

Cousin Dog had to have her eyes removed because her eyes caused her pain due to the excess pressure they caused, and they were not going to improve. Cousin Dog was also heartworm positive. But, her treatments for that can easily continue in her new home.

Cousin Dog has no issues getting around at all. She even uses a dog ramp with no coaxing or training. She has no issues with stairs or walking around objects. We suggest you Google echolocation for humans and dogs so that you can learn more about how the blind adapt without problem.

Cousin Dog is extremely sweet and easy going. She does fantastic with all of our dogs. No potty accidents, no chewing, and she’s not a big barker. She’s about as perfect a dog as anyone could hope for.

She’s good with other dogs, cats, and children. Her vaccinations are up to date, and she’s spayed and housebroken.

Cousin Dog enjoys sniffing for squirrels and being cute while begging for treats -- which in our findings -- has a 100% success rate.

She likes to play out in the yard so she will need a safe, fenced place to enjoy, and a soft bed indoors. Hopefully you’ll share your sofa with her.

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