Count Spatula

Lil’ Roo
December 29, 2021
October 8, 2020


About the Dog

Count Spatula came to Hollow Creek Farm March 28, 2009, from another rescue that had first taken him in after he had been shot and had severe neck injuries, but due to his being feral, they were unable to handle and help him get the care that he needed.

HCF sometimes has dogs brought from rescues that can't to resolve individual dog behavior issues.

Originally, there was a call from a concerned citizen stating that someone had shot him with a shotgun.

When Spatula arrived, he wouldn't let anyone touch him, let alone care for the horrible wounds on his neck. He had to be handled carefully so he wouldn't make the injury worse.

It took months and months of veterinary care before Spatula healed. Then, it took years of love, socialization, and care, to get Spatula basic care. We had hoped he could be adopted, but Spatula had stranger danger that would never go away.

Here's a detailed story about his rescue and recovery:

Count Spatula was a dog that could not recover from the trauma of being shot. Physically, he was healthy after months of healing. And for all these years Spatual was a pleasure to be around. He loved all animals, and most humans.

Count Spatula turned 17 years old in 2023. He was treated like a king, and was shy of strangers and loud noises.

He still had severe fear while outdoors so he enjoyed life with us on the Farm...frequently on the couch, and recently on his new soft bed & treats donated by Farm Friends Chris & Sadie.

Count Spatula, you taught us a lot and we learned together about how important it is to protect dogs from cruel people. You are a special boy Spatula, and you are missed.

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