May 28, 2019
Micro Maa Adopt Goat
Micro Maa
May 26, 2019


About the Dog

Bogey came on board to Hollow Creek Farm in 2006 as an obedience demonstration dog candidate. We found that he was more apt at being an assertive assistant to Cowboy. He worked hard to maintain calm in our pack.

Bogey came from a high kill shelter and was selected because of his “plain looks” knowing he would likely not be adopted.

We watched him sit in a cage at the shelter for two weeks, passed by while other pups were adopted. Shy, plain brown, and in hiding in the back of the cage.

Great things come in plain brown packages! The sweetest, easiest dog who never did a single thing wrong.

The best decision we could ever make was to bring him home and to have Bogey be part of our lives for 15 years. Bogey passed on 9/23/20. R.I.P. Bogey we miss you so much.

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