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Donations go to the animals. 100% of all donations go to the rescued animals only. There are endless expenses in maintaining the well being of the animals in our care including electricity, fence repairs, lumber and building supplies, farm repairs, insurance, gas, food, medicine and vet bills.

Hollow Creek Farm relies solely on donations. We don’t have government grants or funding. We raise funds from caring, concerned and kind people online to help the furry guests.

How to help

Hollow Creek Farm Facts

  • HCF relies SOLELY on donations to feed & care for animals at the rescue
  • HCF is comprised of foster homes in North Carolina & South Carolina
  • HCF has no paid staff & few committed volunteers
  • HCF does not receive free vet care
  • HCF does not receive government grants or funding
  • HCF does not have ongoing sponsors or donors
  • HCF does not receive free medication
  • HCF never receives free livestock supplies
  • HCF has limited space
  • HCF educates humans about animal abuse, neglect & exploitation