Every animal that arrives at Hollow Creek Farm is special. They teach us what’s possible and what can be achieved and how quickly life can turn around with the right care, food and encouragement.

Roo Roo

Roo Roo was a timid but loving three-legged and resident of Hollow Creek Farm since 2001. Mandy Roo came from a vet clinic after being found with her sibling who unfortunately didn’t make it. They had been starved and Roo Roo had a compound fracture in her rear leg that required amputation. Roo Roo loved people she knew and was always friendly and usually carrying a ball in her mouth. Mandy Roo’s quiet, shy face poking out of her doghouse is missed.


Fenton was kind and gentle German Shepard who came to HollowCreek Farm with poor health and non-working backlegs was up and at ’em with his new wheelchair donated by wonderful, generous caring Farm Friends. Fenton is missed.

Thanks to so many very generous donations his $2,500 wheelchair allowed Fenton to recover from serious health issues. His cart is adjustable so one day it will work for another dog that comes in and needs help at Hollow Creek Farm.



Speedy passed away May 7 and was laid to rest under the dogwood tree in Tommyland at Hollow Creek Farm. Speedy will be greatly missed by all. We will be setting up a memorial fund for Speedy so other dogs in need of wheels get the help they need.

We are grateful to have had the chance to share our lives with him.  Thank you all for showing Speedy so much love and generosity in helping with his medical care and most importantly getting him wheels. He was a good dog.

Speedy was one happy dog–after his rescue. He’s a Corgi who was dumped at a shelter with a broken back.  Hollow Creek Farm pulled him, put him on wheels and taught him how to eat dog biscuits and play with toys. He was fitted in a gently used rig by Eddie’s Wheels and through the kindness of donors. Speedy was an inspiration.

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Rico came to Hollow Creek Farm January 30, 2010, from a rescue that could not locate a foster home or Forever Family that could care for his seizures. Rico’s seizures increased and could no longer be controlled and his suffering became too great. Rico was gently euthanized March 2011.

Rico brought a lot of people together that otherwise may have never met. He also constructed a path for other dogs to get to safety and find homes because of his special needs. Rico was more than just a dog. Much more. He came to the farm with a crooked ear and goofy smile and got along with all the other animals perfectly as seen here hanging out with his buddy JuJu the pig. R.I.P. Rico. You are missed.

Help us help more dogs like him with your support and donations. Click to donate via PayPal: DONATE