Introducing some of Hollow Creek Farm’s Rescue special needs dogs rescued and waiting for Forever Families committed to their permanent care.

Hollow Creek Farm pays for pay for all guests’ vet bills, medications and then, caresfor their special needs. We need your donations to continue caring for them and for rescuing other dogs like them.

Angel Bunny Slippers
What a great little dog. So what if she only has 3.5 legs? She gets around great just the way she is. She has seizures but they are under control with daily medication. She’s missing half a front leg, half her tail, has an extra toe and one blue eye.

Angel Bunny Slippers is housebroken, crate trained and she’s great with dogs, cats and people. No issues. Angel is the world’s calmest dog and she’s super easy to care for. She loves a biscuit and being petted. No yapping and she’s very quiet, loves belly rubs and sitting with people on the sofa.

Angel also likes to go for a little hop outside too. She’s between 3 -5 years old. Excellent in the car. Great with getting a bath and she’s only 25 lbs. If you can contribute any amount to her medication, you are helping to save dog who can teach us all a thing or two. Click to donate via PayPal: DONATE

Angel Bunny Slippers’ adoption fee is $140 and covers neutering, vaccinations, and 6 months of her heartworm preventative.  Dog Adoption Application

Tommy was born blind and deaf and came to HCF from a high kill shelter in N.C.  He really doesn’t seem to care one bit and is part of the pack here on the Farm. Because of his big personality and energetic spirit he is a favorite. He spends his days playing with other dogs, attaching himself to your sock as you pass by and does very well with learning commands. Tommy loves to play with dogs, cats, toys, and people. His new favorite snooze spot is the living room chair.

Tommy’s doing very well in obedience training and learns by touch method. He is adoptable and requires that his Forever Family humans share their bed with him every night. (Tommy is a little spoiled to say the least).

You can support his care in the meantime by sponsoring Tommy for $20 a month to cover the cost of his heartworm, flea and tick preventative. Every dollar helps. Click to donate via PayPal: DONATE

Tommy is housebroken, hates being crated but sleeps comfortably on the bed.  He is playful, sweet and needs a home without small children and a home that is very willing to continue his training. He responds to touch. The adoption fee to cover his neutering, vaccinations, and 6 months of heartworm preventative to go home with him: $140. Here’s the application for a forever family with time, commitment and lots of love for Tommy. Dog Adoption Application

Hank is a very, very special boy. He has a wonderful easy going attitude. Hank is also totally blind. Do to some sort of accident both of his eyes basically depressurized. We pulled him from a shelter because he was so happy. He loves biscuits, gives an occasional “aaaawhooooo” to new people when they arrive and when you talk to him his tail just wags wags wags! He is housebroken, crate trained, and we fully admit that he’s spoiled rotten. He is about 4-5 years old.

Hank is super laid back but would probably do best in a home with just cats or very senior dogs: he really does not enjoy having other dogs  jump and play with him. He tolerates it and is not aggressive towards them. Hank is so sweet that even when having blood drawn he thumped his tail on the ground. He is one very very special dog. Hank is one of the easiest dogs we have ever had the pleasure to help.

Hank does just great walking on a leash with you but his favorite spot is on his bed curled up by the fireplace.  Sweet, easy to care for dog. Never a potty accident and is always friendly and sweet. If you have room in your home for this easy going, laid back, tail wagging sweetheart of a dog email us about Hank. First, be prepared to share your history, experience and references in this: Dog Adoption Application If you can’t adopt, but want to sponsor Hank until he finds a home, we really need your support. Click to donate via PayPal: DONATE

Walter is a permanent Hollow Creek Farm resident. He has a condition that makes him wobbly and a bit wildly, but Walter moves around and is happy as can be. He is a wonderful example of a gentle giant who is great with kids and one of our best ombudsmen for Pit Bulls.

Helen arrived to the Farm just before Christmas 2008 after being rescued from a puppy mill. Her mother didn’t receive proper nutrition during pregnancy so Helen’s eyesight didn’t develop and she is completely blind.

Helen is a very happy little girl who plays right along with the other dogs, follows people by the sound of their footsteps and scent and absolutely loves to be held and to snuggle. We are so glad she joined us and has her Forever Home with us. Click to donate via PayPal: DONATE