Hollow Creek Farm has extensive experience in horse training and dog obedience training. Almost 100% of the time we find there is nothing wrong when owners claim they have “problem” dogs. If you have a dog and want to get rid of it because of bad behavior, dumping is NOT the answer. Rehab yourself and your pet. We will teach you how.

Rehab In Your Home
Our owner rehabilitation and training program fees are based on financial ability. We can work out payment plans. Owner Rehab takes place at your home so you’ll need to help pay for our gas. You also  promise to work hard to fix the problems. Rehab takes time, repetition and PATIENCE. We always see success when owners dedicate themselves to learning and changing bad habits.

For tough rehabs you have to allow us to work with you through unwanted behaviors. Owners participate in mandatory training sessions to learn how to behave properly as an owner with the dog.

Setup a Rehabilitation
Tell us your dog’s age, its breed, the problem, how long it’s been going on and what you’ve done to try to fix it.  Contact us via e-mail for information. HollowCreekFarm@bellsouth.net and please, be kind. We need TIME to respond. We’re taking care of animals 24-7.