Hollow Creek Farm has a “core pack” of dogs who live on the farm due to behavior or medical issues that prevent them from being adopted. They live in the house and not in kennels, runs or cages. Our permanent dogs help teach new dogs how to behave in a home and how to interact with other dogs, cats, horses, potbelly pigs, roosters and chickens. Permanent dogs are not up for adoption.
Here are the ADOPTABLE dogs:

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Hi There, I'm Helen


Helen – 2008. Helen arrived to the Farm just before Christmas after being rescued from a puppy mill. Her mother didn’t receive proper nutrition during pregnancy so Helen’s eyesight didn’t develop and she is completely blind. Helen is a very happy little girl who plays right along with the other dogs, follows people by the sound of their footsteps and scent and absolutely loves to be held and to snuggle. We are so glad she joined us and has her Forever Home with us.

– Bogey came on board in 2006 as an obedience demonstration dog candidate. We found he was more apt at being an assertive assistant to Cowboy. He works hard to maintain calm in our pack. Bogey came from a high kill shelter and was selected because of his “plain looks” knowing he would likely not be adopted.

Bridget – Bridget came to us in 2000. She had a surgery that was not successful and it caused her front leg to be fused into a position that sticks almost straight out.
She’s not in pain and she can still use it to jump up on the sofa and is very pleased with that location.
Her function is to entangle herself under your legs and bark for no apparent reason.

Cowboy – Cowboy is the leader of our core pack. He helps rehabilitate all incoming dogs. He joined the HCF team in 2004 coming in with a broken leg that required extensive surgery. He has fully recovered and will live out his days helping new dogs learn how to become as well mannered as he is.
Cowboy enjoys being indoors, he’s neat, clean and always a gentleman. He is a Malinois mix who really looks forward to a biscuit and a grooming session.

Junior – Arrived in 2002 and is the farm slacker. He has no function except to bark and cause chaos.

Steve – Steve arrived in 2007 with a badly damaged leg. After several corrective surgeries Steve’s leg was still unable to be healed. He wears a semi-permanent removable cast to support his paw which drags on occasion. But Steve is happy, takes it easy to keep his leg in good shape and is the official mouth licker of the farm. Close it or he’ll get you good.
Pig – She arrived in 2006 and heads our Feline Diplomat department. Pig greets all dogs in a friendly manner and has no fear of them and will actually plop right on top of them. She teaches dogs that cats are not to be chased or tortured. Pig was found by a neighbor when she was only three weeks old. She earned the name Pig because she ate like a little pig. Pig does not “meow” she just says “mau.”<
Tommy – 2011. Tommy aka King Tommy was born deaf and blind and came to Hollow Creek Farm to eat orange creamsicles and to teach people about love. Tommy is happy, he’s healthy and he loves to run and play with all the other furry guests of Hollow Creek Farm.
Halloween Kitty Cat Spook – 2003. Spook was found by the Director of Hollow Creek Farm on Halloween in a friend’s automobile repair shop when she was about four weeks old.
Spook is our resident “slap cat.” When a dog gets out of line with her she promptly puts them in their place with a big ol’ fashioned slap. She loves to sneak up behind visitors and tap them on the shoulder to get some attention. She has helped us with rehabbing
cat-aggressive dogs.
Parker – 2004. Every abused dog has memories of what happened to them. We don’t know all the dogs’ stories, but we see how abuse and neglect effects them. Like Parker who has “Stranger Danger.” He’s very stand-offish because all people are suspect to him. But he likes us and trusts us so he’ll stay here where he’ll be safe, forever.