Found 3/17/09

Found 3/17/09

Unclaimed Horse Left to Die

Hollow Creek Farm over the years has been called to help with injured, neglected, abused and dumped animals incluing horses like this unnamed grey.

The horse had identifying marks over the right eye from previous injury or disease. Left eye was cataracts and clouded. Horse had small patch of hair missing left shoulder which appears to be from old injury.

The horse was approximatelyin its mid-20s, a gelding left in an area by Gaffney, South Carolina, near Route 105.

This poor horse was found found 03/17/09. The horse had to be euthanized because he was so starved that he was unable to stand under his own power.  He suffered from blindness as well.  It is suspected that this poor animal was just turned out to fend for itself which is impossible. Horses are domesticated and rely on humans for food and for care at all times.

If you know who owned this horse please contact Hollow Creek Farm. We are offering a $100 reward to locate the owner.

Please help us help animals like this horse. An animal cannot simply be rescued and cared for in situations like this for two reasons:

1. The horse was ill beyond recuperation

2. After being euthanized, the horse has to be disposed of according to legal guidelines. It’s not simply a burial: the horse is enormous and cannot be picked up or moved due to its weight. It has to be professionally handled and often a bulldozer has to be used to move the body.

This is a sad yet realistic part of what is seen at Hollow Creek Farm. If you suspect abuse, call the police, the local animal shelter, the ASPCA, the sheriff.

Hollow Creek Farm will direct you to these resources because we are too small to handle rescues like this on a regular basis. We are located in a remote area of South Carolina.

However we urge to strongly to call and report all abuse. Follow up by going to the location to find out if the animal(s) have been rescued. Call and make complaints but DO NOT remove the animal, break the law or touch the animal when on private property. You may get yourself into a lot of trouble.

Follow the law and call the police and the authorities who will follow up on your report.

If you have any information about this horse please let us know.


Mia Is Missing

This dog is missing and goes by the name of Mia. Mia was last seen in Piedmont, SC. If you have any information or have seen this dog please contact Julie @ (864)979-4306. Thank you!

Black and Brown Beagle Mix Found

A BLACK AND BROWN BEAGLE MIX WAS AT INTERSECTION IN SHARON – NEARLY HIT TWICE BY CARS.  HE IS NOW AT HCF.  Animal control has been notified along with ads placed in local papers.
To claim your dog you must email us and describe the dog in detail.