blindHollow Creek Farm Donations: Help Us Help Them

*HCF is a private, non-profit 501(c)3

*HCF relies only on donations which are at an all-time low

*HCF is comprised of foster homes throughout North and South Carolina

*HCF has no paid staff and very few volunteers

*HCF does not receive free vet care

*HCF does not receive grants or long-term donors

*HCF does not receive free medication OR Food OR supplies

*HCF does not have unlimited space or resources

Hollow Creek Farm cares about our animals. Each furry guest must receive vet care, love, food, shelter and socialization.  There is a limit to the number of animals we can physically and financially take in and care for.

Hollow Creek Farm is Not Open to the Public

1.  Hollow Creek Farm does NOT accept dogs or livestock from the public. HCF is private and works with Vets, shelters, rescues, and animal control.

2. Dogs taken in are in immediate danger and are physically viable.

3. Horses in danger of slaughter that are physically viable.

4.  Dogs or livestock owned by people facing terminal illness.

5.  Dogs or livestock from owners who underwent our behavior
rehab program but still cannot get over issues in the relationship.

Donors Continue Rescues

We cannot take in every animal that needs help: we don’t have the money or resources. There are endless expenses in maintaining the well being of the animals already in our care including mortgage, electricity, fence repairs, building repairs, insurance, gas, endless food, medicine and vet bills.

* Dog food: HCF goes through 50 pounds of dog food per day minimally. $30 per day minimally.
* Heartworm Preventative: Heartworm preventative is about $300  per month.
* Flea and Tick preventative: $300 per month.
* Hay: $750 per month
* Livestock Grain & Feed:  $850 per month
* Misc items: salt blocks, buckets, fly repellent, livestock wormer, etc.  $400 per month

Pay for Shots or Neutering to Help Animals Get a Home

If you are trying to find  home for your pet for whatever reason, you need to help.

You will help by providing everything possible for the home of your pet. Get shots, neutering, provide equipment, crates, beds, bowls, food and flea and tick preventative medicine.

Your animal will be more attractive to rescues if he or she is already altered (gelded/spayed/neutered). Your animals should be up to date with vaccinations and tests such as Heartworm and Coggins.

Offer a donation to cover any vet expenses that the animal may initially need upon intake to the rescue.  If you cannot offer a financial donation  offer your time.  A monthly donation until your animal is adopted is most helpful.

How to Get a Rescue to Accept Your Dog

Rescues get hundreds of e-mails in a week about animals in need.  You may feel like you are the only one that needs help: you are not.

Be prepared to hold  an animal you found if you want the animal to be saved.  You will have to wait for a space to open.  In the meantime, socialize the dog, train the dog, and get shots and neutering for the dog. Send a profile to tell the dog’s story:

  • Species, Breed, Age, Weight, Sex, Vaccinations, Spay/Neuter
  • Medical or behavioral issues
  • Profile (good with other animals, kids: yes or no, level of training, background information)
  • Send one good picture
  • Offer transport, crate, bowl, leash
  • Most important: send to multiple rescues
  • Google breed rescues or go to for rescues in your area.
  • Wait for an answer from the rescue.Rescue is a 24/7 volunteer job…. you need to do your part to get your animal to safety within a rescue.

juju-and-ricoConsider Rehabilitation
Our first job is to keep dogs in their current home.  Our behavior rehab program is the first step in doing this.

Take some responsibility for the animal you are relinquishing/found.  Donate, volunteer, make a monthly donation for the care of the animal you brought to a rescue.  Once the dog is in the care of a rescue continue to advert that dog…ask people to adopt from that rescue, donate and volunteer at that rescue.

If you have any questions about our intake policies or the reality  of rescue please feel free to email us.  We will happily answer your questions – better yet you can volunteer and learn first hand what it really takes to save a life.

Now, if you have an animal that requires our help, please  e-mail us.  We want to help.  But, without your financial help we can’t save more lives.

If you have a dog with behavior issues we will help you solve them so your dog stays in your home with you for the rest of his or her life.