Hollow Creek Farm staff and volunteers would like to say Thank You to our brave and loyal Military service members and their families with our Hounds For Heroes Program. We understand and recognize the great sacrifices and commitment that Military members and families make every day to preserve freedom in our great nation and abroad. HCF is waiving the adoption fee for any Military service person or their family who meets our adoption standards and who would like to adopt a dog.

In honor of their serving, all dogs are spayed or neutered, are up to date with vaccinations, heartworm tests, and they have received basic training, are housebroken and crate trained. Please see our dogs at: we know that there is one who will stand by you, love you and share life with you and your family.

If you are a Military service person, or family member, who would like to adopt a dog, please complete the Dog Adoption Application and e-mail it to:

WE WILL CONTACT YOU upon acceptance. Please be patient. If you would like to help support Hounds For Heroes, DONATE and ask that gift to go towards Hounds For Heroes.

How do I sponsor a Houn
ds For Heroes dog?

Just click the PayPal button on our donations page.   Donate any amount and it will be put toward Hounds For Heroes. Our cost to provide veterinarian care for one dog is $140 – which is our regular adoption fee.

How do I apply to adopt a dog through this program?
Complete the Dog Adoption Application and e-mail it to:
We have high adoption standards and we expect our adoptable animals to be treated as family members and must receive exceptional care from our adopters in all cases. You will have to provide a form of ID to prove you are either a member or family member of a person serving/retired military immediate family to qualify.

What if I adopt a dog and I get deployed or have to move and cannot take my dog with me?
The dog must be returned to HCF.  In some cases, we can hold a dog until you return, or the dog may be adopted to another family.

How do I know which dog suits my family or my lifestyle?
We know our dogs.  All HCF dogs live as household members – not in kennels or cages or outside 24-7.  We match each family with the dog most suited for their situation.  All dogs have their own needs, energy levels, and different levels of training.  We look at the information on your application and guide you toward dogs that would match your family and lifestyle in a personal one on one consultation.

Have the dogs been to the vet?
Yes.  All dogs are spayed or neutered, up to date with vaccinations, wormed, and have been checked for heartworms, and go home with six months of heartworm preventative.

Are all the dogs good with children?
No. Some dogs are and some are not.  Each dog is different.

Do all dogs have training?
Most of the dogs spend enough time at HCF to learn basic house manners, they are socialized with other dogs, and crate trained, housebroke, and is in contact with cats and other animals.  Each dog has a different training level depending on how long they are at HCF.  We attempt to teach every dog basic obedience before being adopted.

I would like to adopt a dog, but didn’t see one listed that really interested me. Will you have new dogs in soon?
HCF gets new dogs in all the time.  After a two-week evaluation, we post them to the website.  If you are looking for a certain breed or personality let us know.  We work with other rescues and shelters to help place adoptable animals.

How do I know which dog is right for my family?
That is where we help you. Some people think a puppy is the ideal pet – later find out after their sofa is shredded and carpeting is ruined that is what not such a good idea. We help you look at your lifestyle, the time you have to dedicate to a new family member, and the dogs personality to match families with pets.

I want to help, but I don’t have money to donate, what can I do?
There are lots of ways you can help. Contact us and our volunteer coordinator will give you specific directions on how to become a Hound for Heroes volunteer at no cost to you.

Wish List for Hounds for Heroes Program:

  • Sponsorship fees
  • New dog crates
  • Stainless steel food and water dishes
  • Heartworm preventative
  • Flea and tick preventative
  • Pedigree dog food

Hounds for Heroes Sponsors
Tractor Supply Company of York, S.C. – crate for Ava
The Bentz Family
The Stoppelbein Family

Hounds For Heroes Adopters
The Grady Family adopters of Ava.