Scout came to HCF as an orphan.  Her mother was a stray that was killed by a car.

Scout now lives in NC and is obviously enjoying her life with the Johnson family.
She works for food…….. and loves the beach.

Scout was Adopted 12/04/08

Miss Millie Finds Her Forever Friend: Jim



This little stray, Miss Millie, was found and placed with person who really loves her. Millie’s name was Onion while at HCF. She’s found her Forever Friend with Jim.

Honeybun (Rehab Case 2008)

Little did we know upon finding a nearly dead dog in a parking lot that she would turn our lives upside down as she regained health. She began viciously attacking our other dog, and became aggressive to people outside our family. In desperation, we tried to get rid of her, but HCF, hearing our story, offered to help us rehabilitate Honeybun.

HCF came to our home and dealt with the behavior where Honeybun was living. After months of instruction and guidance by HCF, and hard work by us, Honeybun is now a sweet, docile pet, loves all people and dogs, and lies down with our old dog, her former nemesis.

This is a dog that would have been euthanized, and is now registered to compete in her first agility contest off leash, around swarms of dogs and people. Thank you, HCF.


We adopted Q (he has a curly Q shaped tail) and he has been a great addition to our family.  He is a hilarious dog with lots of energy who loves to play with his bone and chase his tail!  He also loves running around our yard chasing birds and squirrels.  We can’t imagine our family without him!
If you are thinking about adopting a dog, find the right fit for your family and you won’t be sorry.  -Jennifer B.
(Q came to HCF after basically living inside a crate covered with a blanket at his previous home – we also know Q likes to excavate the yard for moles at his new home – he likely is just trying to help his new owners by ridding the lawn of them).

Tripod Trio – Rehab Leads to Double Adoption

Pictured here is Cabbage (left), Kenya (passed out in the middle) and Allie (right).   Their new family brought Kenya for a little training and they ended up going home with 2 more dogs! When Kenya arrived she was not fond of other dogs….. looks like after spending a couple of weeks at HCF in “rehab” she is fine with them now.
The neat thing is all three of these dogs had some form of injury to a leg…… Cabbie had minor rear leg deformity,  Allie a broken leg that we did surgery to repair, Kenya had an old (severe) leg injury when the family adopted her many years ago.
From the Tripod Trio’s Human –

The tripod trio–all recovered from various broken limbs and shattered kneecaps–taking a play break ,  eternally grateful to HCF (as are we ).  Thanks for all you do!  Marlena & Michael,  Cabbage, Kenya and Allie McBeal.

Nellie (aka Noodles)

Nellie was a stray found by the Palmetto Vet Clinic in fall 2008.  HCF took her and found her a family. Here’s her story.

The previous year we had lost our dear 14year old dog and later our 16 year old dog. We had them as puppies from the Delaware SPCA and they where such incredible animals, truly a part of us and their loss was pretty unbearable. After several months I  started searching Pet as our house was just too empty.

And then I saw Noodles!  I now believe in falling in love on the inter-net! Needless to say, we were approved and drove all the way to South Carolina to pick up our newest family member.

We renamed her Nellie and she is the sweetest, smartest and affectionate little dog in the world.  When she first arrived, she did little pee pees when meeting strangers and did not seem to know what a toy was. Now she is not afraid of anything and is quite the watch dog. She loves getting a new toy, tosses them in the air and gently catches them.

We are all so happy and she completes us!       Linda and Dave  Newark, DE

Sadie, Sister of Jimmy – Peg Leg Trudy’s Pups (2007)

Sadie came to us already housebroke and HCF worked with us to help get her to our home in New Jersey. Thank you for the puppy advice – The Pedulla Family

Sam (Jeb Adoption 2008)

We were so lucky to find Sam on HCF’s page on  He accepted us and our 2 cats from the very first day. Sam loves his walks and his chew toys – like all labs, he loves to work those jaws. He’s made friends with everyone in our neighborhood – 2 legged and 4 legged. His easy-going, balanced temperament has calmed many of the yappy, aggressive neighborhood dogs – they now greet Sam with a tail wag and a sniff.  Thank you Hollow Creek Farm for doing such an excellent job of rehabilitating this great dog and giving him another chance – we love him!!

Sam previously known as Jeb came to HCF from a high kill shelter. Luckily they did not notice his injury or he likely would have been euthanized on the spot.  He required FHO surgery.  Another rescue pulled him and found that he was being aggressive with other dogs and contacted us.  HCF provided his surgery and taught Jeb how to get along with dogs and humans.
Thank you Bill and Nancy for giving him a great home!  And thanks to all our Farm Friends who donated to help Sam with his surgery.

Adam (adopted 2008)

Our story of Adam. He was brought to our family by Santa Claus a week before Christmas. We explained to the kids that it is difficult for Santa to deliver all of the puppies in one night. Toys are one thing, but puppies are quite another.

Adam has settled into our family of 7 -Alice, myself, Powell, Camille, Aurelia, Asa Paul, and Indigo our 16 year old Toy Fox Terrier. Since he has arrived he has learned how to get a belly rub from about any family member who passes by. And he is definitely rugged enough – built like a tank, and gentle enough to take the play and love that four kids can dish out. Most evenings, he settles down with Indigo in the family room on the pillows and beds that are in the middle of the room for a lot of snoozing and family time. He seems to enjoy this most of all. He and Indigo get along great – he actually seems to act as her “seeing eye dog” as she is almost blind. She will follow him nose to tail into the yard every morning when they wake up and every night just before bed time. He will still work for food, and has added to his tricks – shakes, rolls over, spins in circles, and will even wait to take a snack placed within inches of him on the floor until commanded that it is OK to take. He is a very much loved member of the family, and we are so thankful to Hollow Creek Farm for taking care of him and bringing such a wonderful dog into our lives.

(Adam came from our vet clinic as a stray.  He was named after Dr. Adam McGarity at Palmetto Vet – who is equally rugged and likely also enjoys belly rubs)