Donations Help Us Help Them

We talk success when discussing the furry guests of Hollow Creek Farm. In order to continue rescue and helping the animals, we need your donations.

We rarely mention donations unless it is an emergency and we’ll place that on our Facebook page. But the truth is we always need help, 100 percent of all the time.

We constantly need funds and we DO NOT GET ANYTHING FREE. Hollow Creek is supported only by donors who provide funds regularly to pay for food, medicine, maintenance and vet care.

We usually ask for the emergencies, but we need year-round help to pay for the care of all the animals you see on Facebook and this website. It’s a very expensive venture and we are a 501(c)3 that is an excellent provider of receipts after donations.

We need:

  • Food
    • Horse/dog/pig/cow/chicken food
  • Preventative medicine
    • For dogs/horses/goats/pigs including worming, flea, heartworm medicine
  • Annual vaccines, spay & neuter fees for all animals
  • Biscuits, treats, hay, grain, collars, leads for all animals
  • Blankets, buckets, bowls, soaps & shampoos
  • Housing updates on dog pens, crates, dog beds, straw
  • Fencing, wooden boards, cement, feed holders
  • Power-washing machines, pitchforks, rakes, shovels, hoses
  • Plumbing outdoor to water all the animals
  • Heating & cooling methods to keep animals comfortable
  • Click HERE to donate via PayPal or Please mail your donation in ANY amount to:

Hollow Creek Farm
P.O. Box 147
Sharon, SC 29742

Your Donations Help Us to Help Rescue Animals

There’s a drought in South Carolina and we have to buy hay from out of state. The first thing to go is the family pet. Animal abuse increases as does dog fighting, puppy mills and other business done to make money off the poor animals severely abused and neglected in the process.

Donations are down and after the holidays and in this difficult economy we worry that we won’t be able to continue what we do. Without your help, without donations and a commitment to help us, we can’t help them. Please consider a monthly donation, an annual donation. Any amount helps and 100 percent of the donation dollars go directly to the care, food and medical bills for the animals we rescue.

Please, Donate Any Amount

Hollow Creek Farm is a 501(c)3 and every donor gets a receipt for their taxes. You can mail a check or money order or you can go online and donate via PayPal. Mail donations to:

Hollow Creek Farm
P.O. Box 147
Sharon, SC 29742

Or go online and donate via PayPal. If there is a dog, a pig, a horse, goat or turkey who you would like to help specifically, please say so in your donation online or in your letter. We will take a picture with your donated item and the furry guest of Hollow Creek Farm who you donated to. Click HERE to donate via PayPal

We also accept dog food, horse food and other animal food supplies and donations. We will work with you to pick it up. If you hold a fundraiser and gather food for us, we will come to you to pick it up.  The furry guests of Hollow Creek Farm thank you in advance.

Angel Bunny Slippers Needs a Wheelchair

Angel Bunny Slippers is a permanent resident of Hollow Creek Farm. We’re raising funds for a wheelchair as her health has declined. Her wheelchair will cost $260 and because we rely SOLELY on donations, we don’t have the money for her used, discounted wheelchair that we would like to buy for her from Eddie’s Wheels.

Please help us buy Angel Bunny Slippers a wheelchair cart.  Click to donate via PayPal: DONATE

Help Us Help Them

The need for rescues of abused and neglected animals starvingare at an all-time high, but our donations are at an all-time low.

Help us, help them by donating today. When you donate, 100% of donations go directly to the animals. All donors will be mailed tax-deductible receipts. Hollow Creek Farm is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

This horse was a rescue we were called to help. It had been found lying on the ground, just like this, blind, bitten by dogs, starved and too weak to stand. We cannot continue rescues without your help. Donate today. Click to donate via PayPal: DONATE

Mail Donations To:
Hollow Creek Farm
P.O. Box 147
Sharon, SC 29742

Urgent Needs List

  • Horse feed–grain
  • Hay: $4 per small bale
  • Hay: $40 per round bale
  • 2  x4 x 8 for building shelters
  • Dog biscuits
  • Canned dog food
  • Horse Wormers – all types
  • Flea and Tick Preventative
  • Heartworm Preventative
  • Pine Shavings for stalls
  • Tin Roofing for more run in sheds
  • Hepa type air purifiers: without the filters that need replacement
  • Our hay feeders for round bales are beyond repair

Your Donations Make a Difference… One Life at a Time

The animals that we rescue are severely neglected, starved, injured, sick, slaughter bound, or facing immediate euthanasia.

People are cruel and animals are completely helpless. They rely on the kindness of people like you for survival. Every dime you give goes only to care for the animals.