webphotoadoptablepetsAdoption Applications
1. So you’d like to adopt?DOWNLOAD and fill out every line of the application below:

Dog Adoption Application
Horse Adoption Application

2. Complete the form and then, UPLOAD & ATTACH it to your e-mail and send to: HollowCreekFarm@Bellsouth.net

3. Wait  for an e-mail response. We DO NOT have a fax or phone line. We e-mail IF and WHEN background check is complete and adoption is APPROVED. Applying doesn’t equal Approval. Donations do not equal adoptions.

4. DON’T drive to farm. Visits ARE by APPOINTMENT for APPROVED adopters ONLY.

Selecting an Animal
We know our adoptable animals very well. Your application allows us to learn about your situation and if a dog would
or would not be a match for your family. Our goal is to make a perfect match between you and your new family member
so the adoption is a success. Let us help you with this very important decision since we do know
our adoptable animals so well.

Please keep in mind that some dogs are not good with children, apartment living, may require a fence, etc. Adoptions should be based on personality not just looks. Providing donations does not mean you are going to be the adopter.

Lifetime Commitment With Adoptions
These are beautiful animals looking for their forever homes. Adopting=a lifetime of care. Are you ready for this commitment?
Applying does not mean approval. Sometimes there is not a fit. Adoption is forever and we only want good loving homes for the animals.

Our Standards
All Hollow Creek Farm all dogs are spayed or neutered and vaccinated. They are heart worm tested and all adopters receive six months of heart worm preventative for an adoption fee of $140 per dog.  Horses and other livestock have variable adoption fees depending on medical issues and training level. Fees cover animal medical care ONLY. Funds are used only to meet the needs of the animals.

Our Training
HCF dogs are raised in a household environment.  We know everything about our dogs and we tell you the truth about their known behavior.  Dogs are socialized with other dogs, cats, and even livestock.  Crate training and basic obedience are all part of our rehab program.  We also train adopters on how to properly handle their new furry family members.  Follow up training is free and we are always available for advice to make your pets transition easier and a happier time for your entire family.

Socializing, Housebreaking, Basic Obedience
Successful adoptions from Hollow Creek Farm to Forever Homes start with excellent training of animals and their new humans. ALL Hollow Creek Farm dogs are obedience trained and housebroken BEFORE they leave so that adoptions go smoothly. Our dogs are ready to walk into your hearts and your homes without the usual chaos of housebreaking and training. But, the responsibility to continue to train, care and support the special needs of our dogs is forever. We’re here to help if something comes up.

Adoption Benefits
Lifetime follow-up training is included and we are always available for advice to make your pets’ transition easier and a happier time for your entire family.